• Today... I Choose Kindness!

    Kindness…just the mere mention of the word creates a soothing effect to a needy heart.

     What is kindness?
    Ø  It is the ability to be kindhearted to those in need of encouragement, of love, of understanding and forgiveness.
    Ø  It is the power to show compassion by sharing resources to the hungry and the needy.
    Ø   It is the ability to understand with thoughtfulness the loneliness of having everything yet still feels alone and afraid.
    Ø   It is the simple act of helpfulness such as listening to one’s pain or helping an elderly cross the street.
    Ø  It is the gift to accept one’s attitude and to extend the space for grace for someone.

    Always remember... we are just beneficiaries of God’s kindness, then, let us share His kindness to others.


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