• Today... I Choose Self-control!

    Heavenly Father, thank you so much for Your great love for mankind and Your awesome plan of salvation which was clearly prophesied even during the fall of man and fulfilled through Your Son, Jesus.

    Jesus, thank you for your heart of obedience to the Father, and your heart of love for mankind that You are willing to lay down your life for me just to bring me back to the Father’s love.

    Holy Spirit, thank you for your heart of patience as You continually prompt,  convict, teach and lead me to live a transformed life, following the step of my Savior in this dark and sinful world.

    Loving God, give me the strength of mind to believe that You are indeed in total control of everything that it happening in my life and that all things work together for good. Give me the self-discipline to immerse myself in your Word so that I will be able to discern your perfect will and purpose. Give me the strength of will to say “NO” to sin and to be victorious over the temptations that are hurled by the enemy. Give me the willpower to stay meek and thankful when your blessings are pouring tremendously. Give me the power to restrain my lips to speak evil of and to restrain my heart to dwell   in bitterness caused by painful experiences of the past.

    Gracious God, thank you for Your promise that You are with me always. This reality is my constant reminder that I need to bear the Christ-like character in every situation. I cannot do this alone, but by your power and your grace, I can be victorious.



  1. ..some of the times i forgot that i have a GOD, whom someday i'm gonna give an account for all d things i did coz i'd been moved by my emotions; i'm so thankful for still giving me a time for reflections & corrections...THANK YOU, LORD GOD!
    ..YOU are indeed the total control of everything!

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