• Today...I Choose Goodness!

    Goodness is one of our God’s amazing characters. It is His very nature. As I look at my Bible, the word “goodness” is always associated with our loving Father. But when our hearts are totally yielded to God, and His Spirit is at work in our lives, He requires goodness from us.
    Goodness is the honesty to be true to one’s self and to others. It is the integrity to accept that we are what we are only by the grace of God and that every talent and every skill are God’s gift to us. It is the honesty to accept that we are nothing without Him.

    Goodness is the graciousness to remain silent when malicious and hurtful criticisms are hurled against us because we are conscious that we need not retaliate for we are bearing Christ’s name.
    Goodness is the decency to work hard for every cent than to be rich through dishonest gain.

    And last but not the least… goodness is the righteousness of God at work in your life and in my life. It is the confidence that we can do all things through Christ! 
    Therefore, let us choose goodness!


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