• Today,,, I Choose Faithfulness!

    Faithfulness, what a dependable character! I was prying my brain, each and every neuron, to help me understand what faithfulness is all about. I found it difficult to grasp since we live in a world where deception, cheating and lying are the norm, and sad to say, even among those who claim to be Christians.  I wonder… is there really faithfulness in this world?

    Then God reminded me of the following:

    My parents – they taught me and my siblings the unconditional love of God through their words and their lives. They remained faithful to their calling amidst the challenges and introduced us to a life of service. They taught us that loving God and obeying His precepts will give us abundant life. We had witnessed how their hearts cry to help God’s servants who are ministering in the remote villages of our country. And though we did not live a life of affluence, yet we enjoyed the simple treasures of life through the Lord Jesus Christ. Until her last breath, Mom reminded us to be faithful to the Lord!

    My husband – though poles apart, we learned to value our relationship more than anything else. We accepted that we are two different individuals with our unique family cultures, but through God’s love we are able to commit to one another for life, serve God together and establish a family based on God’s principle. We have learned to hold on together to God’s promises during the darkest times of our lives and experienced God’s unending faithfulness

    Our pastor and his wife – though our pastor’s health was tested that nearly cost him his life, yet, the miracle he experienced is indeed a proof of God’s faithfulness. What amazes me is that even when he was undergoing treatment and therapy, they were sending their care and encouragement to us, knowing that at that time, our integrity, our ministry and our lives are going through the test of fire.

    Our best friends – they are the wind beneath our wings. Friends who stood with us and for us! They knew us inside-out. Our relationship was nurtured through our annual family escapades where we connect, share, pray and dream together. Having genuine friends are truly gifts from God!

    My Bespren – though we are thousands of miles apart, yet our hearts are still one. We sense each other’s need and pray for each other. We cry when we talk about God’s faithfulness in our individual lives. We both went through different testing yet learned the same lessons… enjoy the simple things in life and value the relationships.

    I realize that if I continue to write the list of people who are blessings to me, this page is not enough.  Indeed! I am surrounded by great people of God who are faithful in following Him, faithful to His calling, faithful to their thrust, faithful to their promise, faithful to their family and faithful to their word. Yes, there is faithfulness in this world! 

    Therefore, if their faithfulness has changed my life for the better, then, I will also be faithful so that the lives of those God brings to me will be truly blessed!


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