• Today... I Choose Gentleness!

    We live in a world filled with noises! All kinds of noises: the cries of children longing to be loved; the scream of pains caused by injustice; the pangs of the hungry and the lonely; the sobs of the hopeless and the confused and the shriek and the laughter of the abusers.

    How can one be gentle in such a noisy, deteriorating world? Through Christ alone, the God of Peace! Through the power of the Holy Spirit, gentleness is evident of a life deeply immersed in Him.


    §  The ability to be quiet and not to retaliate when evil accusations are hurled against me.

    §  The ability to accept peacefully my children’s failure and to love them just the same because I truly believe that I am God’s partner in fulfilling His great plan for each one of them.

    §  The capacity not to scream my head off when my children are crying.

    §  The tenderness of heart to listen to a brother’s cry and to help him rise above his sorrows.

    §  The capacity to be at peace with one’s self, with others and the environment.

    §  The power to simply rest in the promises of God knowing that He is in control of every situation that comes my way and that I am safely secure in the palm of His hand.

    Honestly, I am still in the process of learning to be genuinely gentle. There are still some rough edges that need polishing. But I know for sure that God will not stop until I finally learn this lesson by heart and by life.



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